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We raise every animal with care to produce naturally lean meat that’s a joy to cook with

We take extra care with each animal to ensure its meat develops to peak condition before slaughter, drawing on more than a century of unbroken experience of our land, our stock, and our climate.

We specialise in raising merino sheep, one of the world’s oldest and hardiest sheep breeds and perfectly suited to our alpine environment. Merino sheep were the first to be farmed in New Zealand and their meat and fine wool is still sought after today.

Merino sheep are natural foragers that thrive on the dry, grassy slopes of the Maniototo high country. The demanding environment means the animals work a bit harder and take longer to mature than sheep raised on low-lying land. The result is very smooth textured, leaner, more densely flavoured meat.

Mount Cook

What makes NZ lamb and beef different?

Because New Zealand basks in a gentle, temperate climate, our cattle and sheep are raised as Nature intended – outside, on real grass. That means high quality meat with less fat than you get from grain-fed animals raised in the USA and Europe. And we ensure our animals lead relaxed and happy lives because it makes for better meat – pre-slaughter stress adversely affects the colour, texture, shelf life, and flavour of the meat, so we avoid it like the plague.

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