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Maniototo Meats are produced on fertile high country plains protected by a ring of mountains

They say that if you knocked down the fences in New Zealand’s South Island, all the livestock would end up in the Maniototo Valley – because it’s the perfect place to raise healthy animals.

Nestled in the rain shadow of the Southern Alps, the Maniototo Plain has long, hot summers and dry, cold winters that help us produce lamb and beef of the highest quality.

People come to the Maniototo for many reasons – for its amazing landscapes, wines, fly-fishing, and hunting – but for us it’s simply the best place for raising lamb and beef in the world.

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RAIN SHADOW KEEPS US DRY — Rainclouds approaching the Southern Alps from the Tasman Sea are forced upwards by the prevailing westerly winds, cooling the clouds. As they cool, the clouds release most of their moisture on the peaks so very little rain falls on the Maniototo Plain.

Snowy peaks protect us

The continental climate of the Maniototo Plain is due to a circle of magnificent mountain ranges, many of which still bear the unromantic names the early settlers gave them: Knobby Range, Rough Ridge, Raggedy Range, and the Rock and Pillar Range.

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